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The Chippewa Lake Water Ski Show Team is Ohio’s only competitive water ski show team and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. More than 100 active members regularly participate on the competitive team and/or the developmental “Home Team” each year.

In 2017 we celebrated our 25th year anniversary.

The Chippewa Lake Water Ski Team is truly the PRIDE of Chippewa Lake. Not only are they the best competitive ski team in Ohio–they are the best family-0riented organization ever. Parents and their children, including teenagers, spend a year of quality time together with one goal of making the ski team better and better. Advanced skiers help beginners and in the process help themselves to learn the value of family, friendship and competition. They learn to have pride in themselves and their community and that makes a winning situation for the families, ski team and the community.
Keep up the great work! We love you. ~ Chippewa Lake Mayor, Joanne Dodaro

Join the Ski Team and have a splashing summer!

Membership Benefits:

  • All members will have access to ongoing instruction both in skiing and supporting roles.
  • Home/Developmental Team members have weekly instruction, open ski time and dedicated shows. Regular show and competitive opportunities for members meeting Competitive Team criteria.
  • Boats, gas and basic ski equipment are provided by the team. Members are required to provide personal flotation devices and specialized equipment.
  • All Home Team skiers are encouraged to attend practices, however, there are no attendance requirements at this level. Competitive Team members are responsible for attending all scheduled Show Team practices. Any absence must be cleared with the Show Director prior to practice.
  • Opportunities are provided for off season physical conditioning and skill development during indoor practices.
  • New member orientation.
  • Dedicated dock and facilities.

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