Join the Team

Membership Benefits

  1. Instruction and participation for Skiers and Non- Skiers of all ages; families are welcomed.
  2. Affiliation with USA Water Ski Association (See USA Water Ski Assn.)
  3. Show and competitive team opportunities for experienced skiers; Developmental Team with weekly instruction and dedicated shows for new skiers.
  4. Boats, skis, etc. are provided by the Team and individual members. Personal Flotation device suggested for each member.
  5. In season practices take place four times/ week. Out of season conditioning practices and instruction monthly. Weekly shows in season, travel shows, and competition.
  6. Mentoring program for new members.
  7. Affordable skiing at all levels, even for those families with no boat, equipment or experience.
  8. Dedicated dock and facilities; safe and private lake.
  9. Skiing provided at Chippewa Lake and at Emerald Lake (Norton,OH)

Basic Membership Costs – Annual

  1. Chippewa Lake Water Ski Show Team: $190 Individual, $330 Family or $260 Single Parent with 10%-30% Discounts when paid early in year. 20% discount for new families/individuals  that  join after Jan 1, 2023. Support Staff (Non Skier) Membership $75/year.
  2. Chippewa Lake Beach Pass:  $35/year per family included in membership.
  3. Membership in USA Water Ski Association is$85 Individual or $175 Family (includes up to 6 active dependents).  Click Here for info on USA Water Ski Association Online Application.

Please open the Application form you need and print the form.  Mail all forms to:
Chippewa Lake Water Ski Show Team


Download Applications Forms Here

Chippewa Lake Water Ski Show Team Membership

Welcome!  We are excited that you are interested in the Chippewa Lake Water Ski Show Team.  We encourage you and your family to become involved in all team events and hope you make many new friends along the way.

The Chippewa lake Water Ski Show Team counts on its members to promote the team and volunteer time to make things happen with team events and outings.  Please do not be afraid to ask how you may help with team activities.

As a team member you should expect the following:

  • Learn to Ski at Home/Developmental Team practices.
  • Two to four practices per week during the in-season.  Practices typically start in May and run through September.
  • Dry-land practices held monthly in the off-season.  Dry-land practices typically start in November and run through April.
  • Participation in three or more show/tournaments annually.
  • Competitive team participation in weekly shows as well as Fourth of July and Labor Day shows.
  • Participation in a variety of in-season/off-season socials, fundraising and community service events.

Support Staff (non-skier): Membership Rate – $75/Yr

If you are a Support Staff person (non-skier), that doesn’t mean that you aren’t a valuable asset to our team.  You can participate in Team and Show activities as a non-skier member.  Enjoy the fun of being in the show and participating in Team events at a reduced dues rate.  Non-Skier members may not ski in any practices and/or shows.  The Participation Deposit is required.

Club Requirements

The Chippewa lake Water Ski Show Team requires each participant to be a member of the USA Water Ski Association and a current member of the Chippewa lake Water Ski Show Team. The USA Water Ski Association is a non-profit, nationwide association, which supports and promotes safe water skiing on a professional organized basis.

In addition to many benefits all active USA Water Ski association members are protected by a liability insurance policy (health insurance coverage for skiing accidents are not covered, each member is responsible for their individual health coverage and cost).  For this reason all members who participate in club events (even if you are not skiing) must be an active member of the USA Water Ski Association. 

To become a USA member fill out and submit the USA Water Ski Membership Application or go online at USA Waterski  Once your membership has been completed provide proof of USA membership (copy membership card and/or membership receipt) with your Chippewa Lake Water Ski Show Team membership application..