Membership Dues – Single Parent Household




Membership Benefits:

  • All members will have access to ongoing instruction both in skiing and supporting roles.
  • Home/Developmental Team members have weekly instruction, open ski time and dedicated shows. Regular show and competitive opportunities for members meeting Competitive Team criteria.
  • Boats, gas and basic ski equipment are provided by the team. Members are required to provide personal flotation devices and specialized equipment.
  • All Home Team skiers are encouraged to attend practices, however, there are no attendance requirements at this level. Competitive Team members are responsible for attending all scheduled Show Team practices. Any absence must be cleared with the Show Director prior to practice.
  • Opportunities are provided for off season physical conditioning and skill development during indoor practices.
  • New member orientation.
  • Dedicated dock and facilities.

Membership Information: Current and prospective members of the Chippewa Lake Water Ski Show Team must submit an application packet annually, as memberships expire on December 31. As an incentive to join early in the year, membership dues can be significantly discounted when applications are submitted by the dates noted on page 5 of membership packet. IMPORTANT: CLWSST and USA Waterski memberships MUST be current prior to any participation in land/water practices and activities.

Membership Application Process: Please complete the membership application and an adult and/or minor packet for each member, as appropriate. Proof of current USA membership is required and must be provided at the time membership documents are submitted. Return all documents with the appropriate membership and participation fees to the Membership Director.

USA Water Ski Memberships: The USA Water Ski Association is a non-profit, nationwide association, which supports and promotes safe water skiing on a professional organized basis. USA Water Ski memberships are valid for 12 consecutive months. This membership MUST be current in order to participate in any Team activities. Membership to USA Water Ski may be obtained online at Please print your membership card to validate current membership.

Check List of Required Items:

  • Membership Application and Participation Fee Agreement
  • Completed and signed Adult and/or Minor forms for each prospective member
  • New members must provide photo of each prospective member
  • Proof of USA Water Ski Membership (copy of membership card)
  • CLWSST Dues Check **
  • Participation Deposit Check ** noted in memo section
    (Support Staff members NOT required to submit participation deposit)

**Please make checks payable to Chippewa Lake Water Ski Show Team or “CLWSST


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